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RUNNING A BUSINESS IS DIFFICULT AS IT IS. With just a single MOUSE click or phone call, we can be the Tech staff your business deserves.

Nelsonology is a  Managed Technology Services Provider Specializing in Small & Medium Businesses.

Because of their size, small and medium sized businesses often can not find the quality technical support they require. Companies that service the small business market are frequently guilty of poorly trained staff, unresponsiveness, or improperly resolving long-standing issues. Nelsonology was created specifically to address these problems. To ensure the best possible service and believe in four key concepts: availability, responsiveness, planning for the worst, and outstanding customer service.

About Us

MANAGED Services

We offer our customers with numerous technical options from extremely simple solutions, to completely out of the box setups for their business.

HERE is some of our SERVICES:

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SYSTEMS and Network


+ malware protection

Are your desktops icons changed into a different language when you came into work this morning? You swear you put your files on the server, and now all of them are missing and asking for ransom? Afraid hackers will gather up important information from your PC or laptop? Your customers deserve just as much protection of their information as you do. We have a  5 point plan in protecting EVERYTHING on your network, from IOT devices such as smart speakers, and cameras to your server. Don't worry at Nelsonology we  want to keep the "bad guys" out as much as you do. Let us install and configure the latest systems security, network monitoring, and backups before it's too late!



Do you have multiple printers, off-site users, and files without central connectivity and storage? We can help! Networking is absolutely essential when trying to share data within your company, or even with your own customers. How about firewalls, site to site VPN's, even multi-floor wireless access points? Even if you have a serverless office, we can put your files in your own personally owned cloud, ask us for more information! 



VoIP allows users to send and receive voice calls over the internet, without the need for traditional telephones or circuit transmission. Instead of spending an immense amount of money per line, your company can save hundreds, if not thousands per year using your internet services for audio as well! We have close relationships with vendors such as Broadview, Mitel, 3CX, and Vonage. At Nelsonology we make this possible for you!

Frank Tomiello,

Controller Marimekko

Nelsonology is a huge asset to our organization. They make their company available whenever we need them and always get the job done. They speak in layman’s terms, which helps us better understand our options. Plus, their ability to think “outside the box” helps us find smarter, efficient, and cost-effective ways to handle our day-to-day needs. I would recommend Nelsonology 100%.”

Cheryl Mandelman,
New York Stone

Nelsonology is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Any time we call, they answer and help with all our needs–small or large. Their excellent service has always resulted in quick resolutions of all our issues and we thank them very much for that. We highly recommend their services.


Ruth K. Lynford,
New York 11 Plus

Nelsonology has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. They are true professionals when it comes to troubleshooting our equipment or advising on what hardware to purchase.  They always have their clients’ best interest at heart and looks for the best deal and options for their clients. Their work ethic is second to none and are extremely honest.

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Ask us about our hourly, and our popular preventative monthly maintenance services. Find out how our IT services can benefit your company today!

(718) 925-5154

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